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Having family tree problems?

Tracing family ancestry? I'm on your side.

Whether you have already created your family tree but need a slightly more "locally based" researcher in England, or would like to begin but are not sure how, share your problem here

My aim is to provide the BEST genealogy service in Britain - CHEAPLY. Important factors in my favour as a suitable researcher which you might wish to bear in mind are:

(i) I live in London, and am either a member of, or have easy access to, all of the major archives in the country - keeping costs down,

(ii)Years of experience means that there are few surprises left as a professional genealogist - and if i can't help i probably have a good idea of somebody who can.

(iii)Fortunately, as a genealogist I thoroughly enjoy the work, meaning that my clients often get that little bit extra.

(iv) Many of my regular clients live overseas, so i now offer THREE methods of instant payment - no need to wait for a week while a cheque is "in the air"!

Most of my work nowadays is for clients i have worked for before, who return time and time again to a service they know is accurate, inexpensive and reliable. To ask is free,so why not click on the link below and tell me what you already know ,and what you would like to know (please mention "web-page"):-

How can i help you?

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Finally, for anybody who might be reading this who has links to the Isle of Wight in Southern England, and would like to find out more about this oft forgotten corner of the country, i would suggest that you may find it interesting to investigate one of the following links.These informative pages are provided by an IOW local who is interested in the history of the island, and who wishes to share his passion. These pages are NOT COMMERCIALLY MOTIVATED,and are solely the reflection of a long standing personal interest,available to anybody else who might be similarly interested.:-




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